JD Dohnal is an award-winning, Nashville-based songwriter/musician/producer who's songs have been used in major motion pictures, TV, advertising, and recorded by several artists. JD writes in a variety of styles: pop, rock, country, adult contemporary, and even a little jazz. He takes pride in coming up with clever hooks, double entendre story lines, and great melodies. JD tries to write songs that evoke some sort of emotion, or at the very least, make you smile and bob your head. Please check out his song page to get a taste of many diverse styles of music he has written.  You can also use the audio player on the "News" page to scroll through songs and listen to them easily.

Upcoming Dates

Jun 1 2024
Wedding w/ TOP TIER (6-pc)
Crestwood, Kentucky
Jun 2 2024
Wedding w/ TOP TIER
Spring Hill, Tennessee
Jun 8 2024
Private Event w/ TOP TIER (8-pc)
Columbia, Tennessee
Jun 11 2024
Corporate Event w/ TOP TIER (6-pc)
Franklin, Tennessee
Jun 15 2024
Private Event w/ TOP TIER
Morristown, Tennessee

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Latest News

2024 yearly update!

Feb 1 2024

Last year will be tough to beat, but I'm hoping for the best!  My song "She's Not You" was a Grand Prize winner in The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, and my song "Falling" (co-written with Dave Tough) was the theme song for the movie "Take Me To Banue".  (The same song was in the Seth Rogen movie "Observe and Report", but it's featured much more prominently in this film.)   My band "Top Tier" had our biggest year yet in 2023.  We traveled pretty extensively and played in some states we hadn't performed in previously.  I saw and enjoyed parts of the country and cool towns that I hadn't experienced before.  Plus I did some traveling in Central America which was absolutely amazing and life changing.

The gig calendar is already quite full for the year and I continue to write a variety of musical styles for TV/film placements (and anywhere else they get used).  Thanks to all the publishers and music libraries that place my music and all the clients that book my band!   

Cheers to you all for a great 2024! - JD

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